Kids yoga classes in Salem (public)

Imagination Yoga for ages 3-14. 

These classes take children on a journey (space, the as a garden gnome) that stimulates the imagination using games, cognitive exercises and a yoga flow. The practice is a hilarious good time and children are given tools to help them understand are given tools to help them understand healthy movement and emotions in their bodies. 

As a 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, Chantal uses her knowledge of anatomy to help kids with coordination and body awareness. She has a variety of strength building  and breathing techniques that she integrates into the imaginative flow to help kids build a full and healthy range of movement as they grow.

kids yoga summer camp

Kids Yoga SummerCamp

Summer camp has concluded for 2017. Join us next year!

I knew yoga camp would be good for my daughter, I just didn’t expect such drastic self-reflection. She said she loves camp because everyone feels comfortable to just be themselves and say things they are thinking.
Thank you both so much!
— Kids Yoga Summer Camp 2017

My two daughters took a yoga class from you a few weeks back. They have been asking to go back to you ever since. Especially our our six year old daughter. She said your yoga was the best her brain and body has felt her “whole life”. :)
— Happy Parent, Salem OR
kids yoga for athletes

Kids Yoga Classes in Salem (Private)

Competitive Sports Groups for Kids

ages 6-18

Kids Yoga group sessions can include the whole team.  The physical Yoga practice can impact a persons performance both mentally and physically regardless of the sport they are in. Adolescents feel the pressure more than most and these yoga classes give them tools to help prevent injuries, build strength/coordination and relieve stress.

As a rock climber and a yogi Chantal loves helping others understand their bodies and build strength WITH flexibility to improve overall performance. With a strong anatomy background and personal physical practice, Chantal is able to challenge and aid in performance growth.

(Currently I work with a group of competitive young gymnasts at Athletic Edge in Salem, OR)