Kids yoga classes in Salem, OR

Fall Series 2019 In Salem, OR

To register for classes, call Abiqua Academy: 503-399-9020

kids yoga salem oregon
kids yoga salem oregon

My two daughters took a yoga class from you a few weeks back. They have been asking to go back to you ever since. Especially our our six year old daughter. She said your yoga was the best her brain and body has felt her "whole life". 

- Jillian Snell, Salem OR

Why Kids Yoga?

There is no doubt that electronics are very prevalent in all our lives. They are over-stimulating and create a need for constant distraction. Kids Yoga gives children the chance to check-in with their bodies, to be present, and to understand the feeling of calm.

Kids yoga in the willamette valley

The research (science!) behind kids yoga

  • Mindfulness research has proven that a sustained yoga (physical movement and meditation) practice aids in emotional self-regulation and promotes cognitive growth. From my personal experience, kids love and excel at the opportunity to be quiet in a safe space.

  • Physical movement has been proven time and time again to reduce stress and anxiety because of the chemical reaction we have to exercise. These classes also build a stronger body awareness to help improve coordination during the growing stages of life.

  • Imagination, positive thinking and cognitive flexibility are key tools for dealing with life’s struggles. In this over stimulating electronic world, yoga gives your child a chance to step away from the hubbub, exercise their brain and body, understand feeling by knowing what exactly is happening with-in the body.

Learning through yoga, "Peaceful Hearts, Kind Words, Wise Minds" towards ourselves and towards each other <3

I knew yoga camp would be good for my daughter, I just didn't expect such drastic self-reflection. She said she loves camp because everyone feels comfortable to just be themselves and say things they are thinking. Thank you both so much! 

-Parent, Kids Yoga Summer Camp 2017

There is also one other Certified Kids Yoga instructor in the area!

Check out her (Jenifer Trivelli, M.S.) offerings here. She is wonderful.