Custom Mala - Made for Your Intention


Custom Mala - Made for Your Intention


The Intention: Its up to you to come up with your Sankalpa (an intention for your life that is formed with heart and mind). For example my biggest heartfelt desire was to incorporate more creativity and bravery into my life. The mala you see in this picture is what I created for that and if you see me around town, odds are I will be wearing it! I love the constant and gentle reminder of where my heart is the happiest.

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What I need from you: (You will answer these questions during the purchase)

  • Your intention that fills your heart. A core desired feeling or direction in life. A sankalpa. (The more you share with me, the better!)
  • The color of string you would like (the tassel will match it)
  • Any specific type of semi-precious stone you really want mixed in.
  • Your trust and belief in my work so I can create something that aligns with your intention.

What you need to know from me:

  • All beads are grade A quality and NOT dyed ever.
  • These malas have 108 beads with a guru bead called a rudraksha seed.
  • I love to weave sandalwood beads into malas for their gentle woodsy smell that helps decrease stress and increase focus. If you don't like sandalwood, let me know! <3
  • It will be at least a 2 week turn around time. I ony work on malas when I am feeling the calmest/happiest state of mind so that I can truly put my focus around your intention.