Return of the Sun

We’ve all felt the lack of it lately and its manifested itself in each of us in a variety of ways. Lethargic, cranky, pizza delivery obsession, lack of inspiration, sickness and more. We have had Yoga classes all winter to help keep spirits up and its done a pretty good job for us! But what can we do to begin putting our best foot forward now, enliven things and wring out what is holding us back?

We’ve got options and I personally need to use them just as much as I preach them!

Yoga teacher chantal barton park
  1. Continue going to Yoga classes 😉 (You can find my classes here.) You can find some other awesome teachers in town as well. Just google "yoga near me".
  2. Get up 10 minutes earlier go sit in front of an open window. Be still and observe all the beautiful things or perhaps work on a breathing practice. Just take a moment to appreciate all the things that you don’t normally notice when you’re in a rush.
  3. Skip Netflix in the evening so you can sit down with a notepad and list house projects, art, books or anything fun you let slip away in the winter time. Pick a simple one and get to work!
  4. Set aside 20 mins to drop everything and do a short heart opening/twist filled flow to help shed the crud of winter and shine the light of summer! (VIDEOS COMING SOON)
  5. Go to the park. Sit on a swing and enjoy the heck out of it.
  6. When the sun peaks through the clouds STOP EVERYTHING, go outside to stand it in. Shut your eyes, reach your arms out wide and soak it in. ALL of it.


Winter has had its beauty but we’ve also had a LOT more rain and snow this year.

Now that things are looking a little brighter and a littler warmer, its time to lift the gaze and set your eyes on a new goal.

It doesn’t have to be huge! Maybe start with wiping those annoying water spots off the bathroom mirror. Just a few minutes here and there. Pick things up and make room for something new that helps you take a step forward.

Get happy and stay happy my friends :)