Powerful Yoga classes for your mind, body & soul.

Orchestrated by the beat of a hand-picked playlist, these classes propel your mind and body to always be moving forward. They inspire movement and build tapas (fire) in your core to burn out the old and create space for a more uplifting way of life.

Handmade malas

Created with love and good vibes by me <3

Malas can be made from gemstones, wood or seeds that match the intention of your practice, whatever it may be <3 I choose to use malas in my yoga practice and place them in a spot at home where they can been see and used as a reminder of my intention or affirmations.

My two daughters took a yoga class from you a few weeks back. They have been asking to go back to you ever since. Especially our six year old. She said your yoga was the best her brain and body has felt her “whole life”. :)
— Happy Parent, Salem OR