Kids Yoga Summer Camp

Join Certified Youth Yoga Instructors Jenifer Trivelli, MS & Chantal Barton E-RYT 200 for a fun-filled, week-long outdoor summer day camp at a historical retreat located in the Willamette Valley, in-between Salem and Silverton

Begin Their Summer with Nature, Movement, and Mindfulness

Jenifer teaching the morning yoga class <3

Daily Dose of Yoga

We'll begin each day with our opening circle in our yoga tent; a time for getting to know each other through a variety of community-building activities and sharing of the day's activities. 

Every camper will enjoy morning and afternoon yoga classes created specifically to engage their imaginations and have fun through story, games, and partner activities, while also teaching skills to guide them towards balance and connection within themselves. 

Jenifer and Chantal are certified Kids Yoga Instructors through Yoga Alliance Accredited programs.

More about Jenifer's Kids Yoga classes here.

More about Chantal's Kids Yoga classes here.

geer crest summer camp

Camp Activities

So many hours of fun to fill at summer camp!

Nature - With acres of trails to explore, the kids will get to discover countless exciting things across the land; two beautiful creeks, open pastures with friendly animals, a giant tree house and space to just enjoy free time outside.

Special Daily Activity - Art projects, music, acro-yoga and creative outdoor games is just a little sample of what we'll be doing!

Other Events - Mindful snacks. Pause for journaling or drawing about the camp experience. Yoga and other group games. Chill time to laugh with new friends on the open lawn. Create a special art project to take home at the end of the week.

The Animals - Yogi campers will have the option to meet some calm and friendly animals during their retreat week. From baby goats to a special breed of ducks that don't quack (what!?), there are many wonderful creatures to meet and learn about. No horseback riding is permitted, but the two horses are very gentle and make wonderful friends <3

The Food - GeerCrest Farm is just that. A beautiful farm that is rich with history, dedicated people, and good food. Much of our camp time will be spent having fun outside. Yogi Campers will get the chance to see and experience where food comes from and how it gets to the store. You'll want to send your kiddo to camp in outside friendly clothing so they can pick berries and get muddy!

The best view is from this tree house on our camp property at GeerCrest Farms.
The treehouse &lt;3 A space that is reserved for quiet activities during free time..

General Details


GeerCrest Farm, in between Salem & Silverton. Parents have the option to join our rideshare group on facebook OR drop off/pick up their child.


June 17th-20th | Daily 9a-4p

August 5th-8th |  Daily 9a-4p


Parents have the option of adding a farmer-packed lunch provided by GeerCrest to their child's retreat experience, or parents can provide a sack lunch for their child (please choose environment-friendly/recyclable containers so we can minimize garbage).

Yogi Campers | Ages 7-13ish

The outdoor adventures of Yoga Summer Camp 2018

The outdoor adventures of Yoga Summer Camp 2018

We split into two groups for yoga time &lt;3 Chantal has fun engaging imaginations with the younger age group!

We split into two groups for yoga time <3 Chantal has fun engaging imaginations with the younger age group!


June 17th-20th, 9:00a-4:00p | $300 per child

Aug 5th-8th, 9:00a-4:00p |  $300 per child

Kids Yoga Summer Camp at is located at GeerCrest Farm & Historical Society

Add allergy friendly and locally produced made lunch by GeerCrest Farms for additional $50. Please fill out food restrictions and click the yellow button if you’d like to purchase their delicious lunches!

Allergies & restrictions.

You will receive an information packet after you register! If you have ANY questions first, please feel free to contact us by using the form at the bottom of this page!!

About the instructors

Chantal Barton 200 E-RYT

yoga teacher salem oregon chantal barton

Certified 200 E-RYT Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and additional certification in Imagination Yoga for Kids. Chantal has been teaching yoga since 2013 and loves guiding children through lively imagination filled yoga flows. These classes stimulate and engage the mind using a variety of tools and yoga games that help children find and understand what "calm" even means so they can begin to self-regulate their reactions in life.

With laughter filled instruction, Chantal brings fun and special types of movement to summercamp. She has studied anatomy in depth and loves to use acro-yoga to teach the kiddos more about body awareness and slowing wild movements down so exciting new tricks can be accomplished.

Jenifer Trivelli, MS & 200RYT

Kids Yoga teacher jenifer trivelli
yoga calm for kids

Educator, Author/Writer, and Certified YogaCalm Instructor, Jenifer is a mom of two with a master’s degree in counseling and over a decade of experience working with families.

Jenifer uses a variety of social-emotional tools in her yoga classes to help children manage daily stress, anxiety, and other BIG feelings. From breathing spheres to innovative yoga games, kids learn new skills and have fun doing it. Learn more about Jenifer's other offerings here.

Why kids yoga? Answers are here.

Our Camp Assistants!

outdoor summer camp silverton oregon

Arla Baragar

aka "Grandma"

With 4 sons, Arla has spent the majority of her life outdoors while the boys were growing up. They lived in Colorado, Alaska and the Sierra Nevada Range of California. She worked outside with PG&E Hydroelectric reservoirs, recreation concessionaires and the Forest Service. When the grandkids came along she continued to enjoy hiking, camping and teaching them how to respect the outdoors as we enjoyed them together. (Arla is Chantal's amazing grandma and a lovely human being) 

After retiring in 2002, she moved to Park City and worked at the Public Library with the children's librarian, especially with craft projects. She now lives in Oregon and loves to volunteer locally to share her knowledge of the forests and help the young ones begin to understand how the eco-systems of this planet work together.


Ronda True

Teacher and Certified Kids Yoga Instructor

Newly certified through YogaCalm as a Kids Yoga Instructor, Ronda is excited to take her skills from the classroom to camp.  She is an incredible second grade teacher in the Silver Falls School District and she is a mother of 4 awesome kids.

Inspired by what yoga has done for her own life, Ronda naturally took the next step of learning how to teach it and help others incorporate mindfulness into their own lives. She is an assistant this year and looks forward to the experience as she grows into the role of being a camp yoga teacher for next year!

$300 | Per Yogi Camper

Does NOT include: Lunch or transportation to/from camp. For additional fee, lunch can be provided by GeerCrest.

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Once you reserve your spot, and information packet will be emailed to you. Yoga SummerCamp is non-refundable.

Yogi camper scholarship program

This camp is an invitation to pause, breathe, and discover and celebrate your inner gifts with supportive friends. Your donation to this scholarship fund will help us gift children of families with limited incomes with this life-changing opportunity.

artwork from yoga summer camp

Our Local Summer Camp Sponsors!

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